An easy syntax to print messages with a colored font/background. Also includes ∞ levels of debug logging.
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Java Colored Debug Printer (JCDP) offers you an easy syntax to print messages with a colored font or background on a terminal. It also provides custom levels of debug logging.


Ubuntu screenshot

Running on Ubuntu

MacIterm screenshot

Running on MacOS X Yosemite (iTerm)

Win8cmd screenshot

Running on Windows 8.1 (cmd)


The screenshots above were produced by running this example code:

// =============================
// Example of a terminal Printer
// =============================

Printer p = new Printer.Builder(Types.TERM).build();
p.println("This is a normal message.");
p.errorPrintln("This is an error message.");
p.debugPrintln("This debug message is always printed.");
p = new Printer.Builder(Types.TERM).level(1).timestamping(false).build();
p.debugPrintln("This is printed because its level is <= 1", 1);
p.debugPrintln("This isn't printed because its level is > 1", 2);
p.debugPrintln("Now this is printed because its level is <= 2", 2);

// =======================================================
// Example of a Colored terminal Printer (WINDOWS or UNIX)
// =======================================================

ColoredPrinter cp = new ColoredPrinter.Builder(1, false)
                        .foreground(FColor.WHITE).background(BColor.BLUE)   //setting format

//printing according to that format
cp.println("This is a normal message (with format reversed).");

//resetting the terminal to its default colors
cp.print(cp.getDateFormatted(), Attribute.NONE, FColor.CYAN, BColor.BLACK);
cp.debugPrintln(" This debug message is always printed.");
cp.print("This example used JCDP 1.25   ");

//temporarily overriding that format
cp.print("\tMADE ", Attribute.BOLD, FColor.YELLOW, BColor.GREEN);
cp.print("IN PORTUGAL\t\n", Attribute.BOLD, FColor.YELLOW, BColor.RED);
cp.println("I hope you find it useful ;)");

cp.clear(); //don't forget to clear the terminal's format before exiting

Build tools

You can import this library through Maven or Gradle, just pick a version.





JCDP Copyright (C) 2011-* Diogo Nunes This program is licensed under the terms of the MIT License and it comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. For more details check LICENSE.


A big thanks to all contributors, specially @xafero who maven-ized this whole project.