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Personal Troller

This code builds an executable that enables you to troll someone by:

  • Showing a dialog message
  • Opening a new tab on for a specific URL
  • Opening and closing the CD/DVD drive several times
  • Shutting down or logging off displaying a message

How to use

  1. Copy the executable (Troller.exe) and the trolling actions file (Tasks.txt) to your victim's pc.
  2. Open the executable.
  3. Enjoy.

The executable searches for a Tasks.txt file containing the trolling actions to perform. If it doesn't exists, the executable will create one with default actions.


You can build the source files to get the latest Troller.exe or download this one ready to use.

How to configure Troller's tasks

Each line is a command. The syntax is action|parameter. Don't surround the | separator with spaces.

  • Start by specifying the time to start (BEGIN action) and suspend (END action) the troller.
  • Then specify the time interval between trolling actions (EVERY action).
  • All of these actions receive a time parameter in the format HH:mm:ss.

Trolling actions:

  • MESSAGE shows a dialog message, parameter is the message.
  • OPENURL opens a new tab, parameter is the link to open.
  • DISKDRV opens the disk drive, parameter is the number of times.
  • SHUTDWN shutsdown the computer, parameter is the message to display 15min before.
  • LOGUOFF logs off the user, parameter is the message to display 15min before.



MESSAGE|I can't wait for tomorrow :)

How it works

Once started, the executable keeps running until the pc is turned off. If you really hate your victim you can add the executable to the startup folder, that way the Troller.exe will start on every time the pc is turned on.

The Troller reads the time configurations and keeps running between the BEGIN and END time, executing a trolling action on each EVERY time configuration.

Even if the victim opens the Task Manager searching for your process, it appears listed as Host Process For Driver Compatibility. He/she will never guess that's a trolling process.

💚 The Troller is environmentally friendly, suspending while idle and hibernating to the next day, keeping resource consumption to a minimum.

New features & License

Personal Troller Copyright (C) 2015 Diogo Nunes This program is licensed under the terms of the MIT License and it comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. For more details check LICENSE.

Be responsible - this program is for fun, not for harm. Both creator and contributors of this program cannot be held responsible for the consequences of how others use it.

If you liked this software, consider making a donation 👼 or contributing with a new trolling action 😈.