Simulates web page requests (traffic) to a list of URLs. May also simulate different browsers, countries and visitor read times.
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This WinForm application allows you to specify a list of URLs and simulate web page requests.



There's an executable at WebbyTraffy/Doc/ReadyToUse folder. You can configure it to behave like a human visitor by:

  • Using random HTTP headers to simulate browsers;
  • Using random proxies to simulate countries;
  • Staying on page for a random period of time to simulate human reading.

URLs & Proxies

Use the Import... buttons to load the target URLs and a list of proxies. Check the Proxies.txt file to see an example.

Proxies should be listed one per line following the syntax: <CountryName> | <IP>:<PORT>.


Feel free to implement these improvements or add your own:

  • Migrate from WebBrowser to Awesomium.
  • Use private proxies, the current list was obtained from public listings here and here.


MIT License Copyright (c) 2016 Diogo Nunes