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Go API client for dialmycalls

The DialMyCalls API


For more information, please visit


Put the package under your project folder and add the following in import:


Documentation for API Endpoints

All URIs are relative to

Class Method HTTP request Description
Accounts CreateAccessAccount Post /accessaccount Add Access Account
Accounts DeleteAccessAccountById Delete /accessaccount/{AccessAccountId} Delete Access Account
Accounts GetAccessAccountById Get /accessaccount/{AccessAccountId} Get Access Account
Accounts GetAccessAccounts Get /accessaccounts List Access Accounts
Accounts GetAccount Get /account Get Account
Accounts UpdateAccessAccountById Put /accessaccount/{AccessAccountId} Update Access Account
CallerIds CreateCallerId Post /callerid Add Caller ID
CallerIds CreateUnverifiedCallerId Post /verify/callerid Add Caller ID (Unverified)
CallerIds DeleteCallerIdById Delete /callerid/{CalleridId} Delete Caller ID
CallerIds GetCallerIdById Get /callerid/{CalleridId} Get Caller ID
CallerIds GetCallerIds Get /callerids List Caller IDs
CallerIds UpdateCallerIdById Put /callerid/{CalleridId} Update Caller ID
CallerIds VerifyCallerIdById Put /verify/callerid/{CalleridId} Verify Caller ID
Calls CancelCallById Delete /service/call/{CallId} Cancel Call
Calls CreateCall Post /service/call Create Call
Calls GetCallById Get /service/call/{CallId} Get Call
Calls GetCallRecipientsByCallId Get /service/call/{CallId}/recipients Get Call Recipients
Calls GetCalls Get /service/calls List Calls
Contacts CreateContact Post /contact Add Contact
Contacts DeleteContactById Delete /contact/{ContactId} Delete Contact
Contacts GetContactById Get /contact/{ContactId} Get Contact
Contacts GetContacts Get /contacts List Contacts
Contacts GetContactsByGroupId Get /contacts/{GroupId} List Contacts in Group
Contacts UpdateContactById Put /contact/{ContactId} Update Contact
DoNotContacts GetDoNotContacts Get /donotcontacts List DoNotContacts
Groups CreateGroup Post /group Add Group
Groups DeleteGroupById Delete /group/{GroupId} Delete Group
Groups GetGroupById Get /group/{GroupId} Get Group
Groups GetGroups Get /groups List Groups
Groups UpdateGroupById Put /group/{GroupId} Update Group
Keywords DeleteKeywordByID Delete /keyword/{KeywordId} Delete Keyword
Keywords GetKeywordByID Get /keyword/{KeywordId} Get Keyword
Keywords GetKeywords Get /keywords List Keywords
Recordings CreateRecording Post /recording/tts Create Recording (Text-to-Speech)
Recordings CreateRecordingByPhone Post /recording/phone Create Recording (Phone)
Recordings CreateRecordingByUrl Post /recording/url Create Recording (URL)
Recordings DeleteRecordingById Delete /recording/{RecordingId} Delete Recording
Recordings GetRecordingById Get /recording/{RecordingId} Get Recording
Recordings GetRecordings Get /recordings List Recordings
Recordings UpdateRecordingById Put /recording/{RecordingId} Update Recording
Texts CancelTextById Delete /service/text/{TextId} Cancel Text
Texts CreateText Post /service/text Create Text
Texts DeleteIncomingTextById Delete /incoming/text/{TextId} Delete Incoming Text
Texts GetIncomingTextById Get /incoming/text/{TextId} Get Incoming Text
Texts GetIncomingTexts Get /incoming/texts List Incoming Texts
Texts GetShortCodes Get /shortcodes List Shortcodes
Texts GetTextById Get /service/text/{TextId} Get Text
Texts GetTextRecipientsByTextId Get /service/text/{TextId}/recipients Get Text Recipients
Texts GetTexts Get /service/texts List Texts
VanityNumbers DeleteVanityNumberById Delete /vanitynumber/{VanityNumberId} Delete Vanity Number
VanityNumbers GetVanityNumberById Get /vanitynumber/{VanityNumberId} Get Vanity Number
VanityNumbers GetVanityNumbers Get /vanitynumbers List Vanity Numbers
VanityNumbers UpdateVanityNumberById Put /vanitynumber/{VanityNumberId} Update Vanity Number

Documentation For Models

Documentation For Authorization


  • Type: API key
  • API key parameter name: X-Auth-ApiKey
  • Location: HTTP header



DialMyCalls Voice & Text Broadcasting




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