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DialmycallsJsClient - JavaScript client for dialmycalls-js-client The DialMyCalls API

For more information, please visit


For Node.js


To publish the library as a npm, please follow the procedure in "Publishing npm packages".

Then install it via:

npm install dialmycalls-js-client --save


If the library is hosted at a git repository, e.g. then install it via:

    npm install dialmycalls/javascript-sdk-v2 --save

For browser

The library also works in the browser environment via npm and browserify. After following the above steps with Node.js and installing browserify with npm install -g browserify, perform the following (assuming main.js is your entry file):

browserify main.js > bundle.js

Then include bundle.js in the HTML pages.

Getting Started

Please follow the installation instruction and execute the following JS code:

var DialmycallsJsClient = require('dialmycalls-js-client');

var defaultClient = DialmycallsJsClient.ApiClient.instance;

// Configure API key authorization: api_key
var api_key = defaultClient.authentications['api_key'];
api_key.apiKey = "YOUR API KEY"

var api = new DialmycallsJsClient.Accounts()

var createAccessAccountParameters = new DialmycallsJsClient.CreateAccessAccountParameters(); // {CreateAccessAccountParameters} Request body

var callback = function(error, data, response) {
  if (error) {
  } else {
    console.log('API called successfully. Returned data: ' + data);
api.createAccessAccount(createAccessAccountParameters, callback);

Documentation for API Endpoints

All URIs are relative to

Class Method HTTP request Description
DialmycallsJsClient.Accounts createAccessAccount POST /accessaccount Add Access Account
DialmycallsJsClient.Accounts deleteAccessAccountById DELETE /accessaccount/{AccessAccountId} Delete Access Account
DialmycallsJsClient.Accounts getAccessAccountById GET /accessaccount/{AccessAccountId} Get Access Account
DialmycallsJsClient.Accounts getAccessAccounts GET /accessaccounts List Access Accounts
DialmycallsJsClient.Accounts getAccount GET /account Get Account
DialmycallsJsClient.Accounts updateAccessAccountById PUT /accessaccount/{AccessAccountId} Update Access Account
DialmycallsJsClient.CallerIds createCallerId POST /callerid Add Caller ID
DialmycallsJsClient.CallerIds createUnverifiedCallerId POST /verify/callerid Add Caller ID (Unverified)
DialmycallsJsClient.CallerIds deleteCallerIdById DELETE /callerid/{CalleridId} Delete Caller ID
DialmycallsJsClient.CallerIds getCallerIdById GET /callerid/{CalleridId} Get Caller ID
DialmycallsJsClient.CallerIds getCallerIds GET /callerids List Caller IDs
DialmycallsJsClient.CallerIds updateCallerIdById PUT /callerid/{CalleridId} Update Caller ID
DialmycallsJsClient.CallerIds verifyCallerIdById PUT /verify/callerid/{CalleridId} Verify Caller ID
DialmycallsJsClient.Calls cancelCallById DELETE /service/call/{CallId} Cancel Call
DialmycallsJsClient.Calls createCall POST /service/call Create Call
DialmycallsJsClient.Calls getCallById GET /service/call/{CallId} Get Call
DialmycallsJsClient.Calls getCallRecipientsByCallId GET /service/call/{CallId}/recipients Get Call Recipients
DialmycallsJsClient.Calls getCalls GET /service/calls List Calls
DialmycallsJsClient.Contacts createContact POST /contact Add Contact
DialmycallsJsClient.Contacts deleteContactById DELETE /contact/{ContactId} Delete Contact
DialmycallsJsClient.Contacts getContactById GET /contact/{ContactId} Get Contact
DialmycallsJsClient.Contacts getContacts GET /contacts List Contacts
DialmycallsJsClient.Contacts getContactsByGroupId GET /contacts/{GroupId} List Contacts in Group
DialmycallsJsClient.Contacts updateContactById PUT /contact/{ContactId} Update Contact
DialmycallsJsClient.DoNotContacts getDoNotContacts GET /donotcontacts List DoNotContacts
DialmycallsJsClient.Groups createGroup POST /group Add Group
DialmycallsJsClient.Groups deleteGroupById DELETE /group/{GroupId} Delete Group
DialmycallsJsClient.Groups getGroupById GET /group/{GroupId} Get Group
DialmycallsJsClient.Groups getGroups GET /groups List Groups
DialmycallsJsClient.Groups updateGroupById PUT /group/{GroupId} Update Group
DialmycallsJsClient.Keywords deleteKeywordByID DELETE /keyword/{KeywordId} Delete Keyword
DialmycallsJsClient.Keywords getKeywordByID GET /keyword/{KeywordId} Get Keyword
DialmycallsJsClient.Keywords getKeywords GET /keywords List Keywords
DialmycallsJsClient.Recordings createRecording POST /recording/tts Create Recording (Text-to-Speech)
DialmycallsJsClient.Recordings createRecordingByPhone POST /recording/phone Create Recording (Phone)
DialmycallsJsClient.Recordings createRecordingByUrl POST /recording/url Create Recording (URL)
DialmycallsJsClient.Recordings deleteRecordingById DELETE /recording/{RecordingId} Delete Recording
DialmycallsJsClient.Recordings getRecordingById GET /recording/{RecordingId} Get Recording
DialmycallsJsClient.Recordings getRecordings GET /recordings List Recordings
DialmycallsJsClient.Recordings updateRecordingById PUT /recording/{RecordingId} Update Recording
DialmycallsJsClient.Texts cancelTextById DELETE /service/text/{TextId} Cancel Text
DialmycallsJsClient.Texts createText POST /service/text Create Text
DialmycallsJsClient.Texts deleteIncomingTextById DELETE /incoming/text/{TextId} Delete Incoming Text
DialmycallsJsClient.Texts getIncomingTextById GET /incoming/text/{TextId} Get Incoming Text
DialmycallsJsClient.Texts getIncomingTexts GET /incoming/texts List Incoming Texts
DialmycallsJsClient.Texts getShortCodes GET /shortcodes List Shortcodes
DialmycallsJsClient.Texts getTextById GET /service/text/{TextId} Get Text
DialmycallsJsClient.Texts getTextRecipientsByTextId GET /service/text/{TextId}/recipients Get Text Recipients
DialmycallsJsClient.Texts getTexts GET /service/texts List Texts
DialmycallsJsClient.VanityNumbers deleteVanityNumberById DELETE /vanitynumber/{VanityNumberId} Delete Vanity Number
DialmycallsJsClient.VanityNumbers getVanityNumberById GET /vanitynumber/{VanityNumberId} Get Vanity Number
DialmycallsJsClient.VanityNumbers getVanityNumbers GET /vanitynumbers List Vanity Numbers
DialmycallsJsClient.VanityNumbers updateVanityNumberById PUT /vanitynumber/{VanityNumberId} Update Vanity Number

Documentation for Models

Documentation for Authorization


  • Type: API key
  • API key parameter name: X-Auth-ApiKey
  • Location: HTTP header


DialMyCalls Voice & Text Broadcasting




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