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Slot Filling with Dialogflow Fulfillment
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Dialogflow Fulfillment Basic Slot Filling Sample

Slot filling simplifies your agent by letting you obtain multiple, required parameters within a single intent. If any parameters are missing from a user utterance, your agent will automatically prompt users for the required parameters.


Select only one of the options below.

Option 1: Add to Dialogflow (Recommended)

To create this agent from our template:

Option 2: Firebase CLI

  1. Create a Dialogflow Agent.
  2. git clone
  3. Go to Settings ⚙ > Export and Import > Restore from zip using the in this directory.
  4. cd to the functions directory
  5. Run npm install.
  6. Install the Firebase CLI by running npm install -g firebase-tools
  7. Login with your Google account, firebase login
  8. Add your project to the sample with firebase use <project ID>
  • In Dialogflow console under Settings ⚙ > General tab > copy Project ID.
  1. Run firebase deploy --only functions:dialogflowFulfillment
  2. Back in Dialogflow Console > Fulfullment > Enable Webhook.
  3. Paste the URL from the Firebase Console’s events column into the URL field > Save.

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