Branch: master
Commits on Feb 6, 2019
  1. fix(ActivityUserProfile): render pending spinner while online status …

    olegshilov committed Feb 5, 2019
    …is not availavle
  2. refactor+chore(PeerInfoTitle): PeerInfoTitle are functional component…

    olegshilov committed Feb 4, 2019
    … now
    stop using default export,
    fix imports,
    add className for verified icon,
Commits on Feb 1, 2019
  1. refactor+fix(ActivityProfile): refactoring and fixes

    olegshilov committed Feb 1, 2019
    stop using default export;
    use new UserOnline component;
    fix profile contacts paddings;
    rename some props types;
    acc component to render user contacts, like phones and emails;
  2. fix+chore(UserOnline): use L10n component to get locale from context,…

    olegshilov committed Feb 1, 2019
    … update flow types, change render logic
    move getUserLastSeen to component folder