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Release notes

DIALS 1.11.0 (2018-08-24):

  • dials.background: now allows masking prior to background calculation. Improved plots.
  • dials.filter_reflections: create subsets of a reflection file based on user-specified criteria
  • dials.export: command line interface change. Intensity choice for export given by option intensity, and exporting of partials now determined by options partiality_threshold and combine_partials.
  • dials.scale: (for testing / evaluation) new program for scaling data from DIALS integration
  • Behaviour change: DIALS commands will no longer read STDIN for parameters by default - you must specify that you want this behaviour e.g. cat some_params.phil | dials.import --phil=-. You may also pass filenames directly into the argument to get the identical behaviour e.g. --phil=some_params.phil (#466)

xia2 0.5.649:

  • Add support for dials.scale

DIALS 1.11.1 (2018-09-03) includes xia2 0.5.651:

  • dials.export: Rename prf to profile for export and scaling options
  • dials.analyse_output: Fix grid_size parameter handling (#611)

DIALS 1.11.2 (2018-09-18) includes xia2 0.5.653:

  • cosym/dials.symmetry: fix profile errors
  • xia2.strategy: Fix crash at dials.export step
  • xia2.strategy: Do not require profiles on export
  • make merging statistics generation code more fault tolerant

DIALS 1.11.3 (2018-10-02) includes xia2 0.5.655:

  • Remove debug output from image viewer
  • Fix rare dials.index crash (#620)

DIALS 1.11.4 (2018-10-16) includes xia2 0.5.655:

  • Improves support for Eiger2
  • dials.cosym: fix math error
  • dials.index: if indexing from known orientation then use provided space group setting unless specified
  • Fix dials.background crash when run without parameters
  • Fix dials.symmetry crash (#619)