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@Anthchirp Anthchirp released this Apr 23, 2019 · 1103 commits to master since this release

Release notes

What happened to DIALS 1.13
We decided to use the release number 13 as a reference marker for developers to help migrating code changes to the upcoming DIALS 2.0 release.

DIALS 1.14.0 (2019-03-18):

  • dials.image_viewer can stack images without having to restart the viewer.
  • dev.dials.generate_shadow_mask is a new (unsupported) tool to create HDF5 shadow masks from the DIALS model of the goniometer shadow
  • dials.apply_mask now works with experiments (#673)
  • dials.scale general improvements to algorithm stability, speed and memory performance improvements
  • DIALS 1.14 is the final DIALS 1 release, and will be supported for a longer period than usual.

xia2 0.5.871:

  • This is the final xia2 0.5 release, and will be supported for a longer period than usual.

DIALS 1.14.1 (2019-03-22) includes xia2 0.5.878:

  • indexing: fix for max cell estimation in some cases when resolution limit of detector much greater than resolution limit of data (#739)
  • scaling refiner: fix calculation of free/work metrics
  • space group determination: bug fix in calculation of confidence
  • dials.split_experiments: add "chunk_sizes" option
  • xia2 to SHELXC: bug fix for rhombohedral space groups (xia2/xia2#285)
  • tidy up output in some cases

DIALS 1.14.2 (2019-04-09) includes xia2 0.5.881:

  • EIGER: Allow processing of files containing a single image
  • Add a new command dials.plugins to list all installed plugins and self-check the DIALS installation.
  • xia2: Fix file name wrangling for XDS with master files
  • xia2: Report correct beam centre in XML/JSON output for multipanel detectors

DIALS 1.14.3 (2019-04-23) includes xia2 0.5.883:

  • xia2: fix 3dii pipeline when handling more than 10M reflections (xia2/xia2#292)

DIALS 1.14.4 (2019-05-08) includes xia2 0.5.888:

  • HDF5: support for multiple datasets referenced from a single master file (#627)
  • Add support for Diamond Light Source VMXm beamline data
  • dials.reciprocal_lattice_viewer: support for old format .pickle files
  • dials.export_mtz: handle split sweeps
  • include additional plots after scaling
  • dials.scale: Fix possibility for recursion error in outlier rejection, generate scaling.html output report.
  • xia2: Provide more useful output when called programs fail (xia2/xia2#300)

DIALS 1.14.5 (2019-05-22) includes xia2 0.5.893:

  • xia2: Disable multiprocessing on Windows (xia2/xia2#191)
  • xia2: Fix call to dev.dials.assign_experiment_identifiers on systems without dev.* commands

DIALS 1.14.6 (2019-06-06) includes xia2 0.5.898:

DIALS 1.14.7:

  • Internal maintenance release, no code changes

DIALS 1.14.8 (2019-07-02) includes xia2 0.5.898:

  • Support single-axis goniometer files from DLS I04
  • Enable dynamic shadowing for EIGER data from DLS I03
  • dials.export: warn user about SADABS behaviour when numbered files start with 0
  • bootstrap: retry downloads on error, try alternative download locations

DIALS 1.14.9:

  • Internal maintenance release, no code changes

DIALS 1.14.10 (2019-08-29) includes xia2 0.5.900:

  • add support for Eiger 2X 16M at SLS
  • scaling: Fix error in intensity combination; if scaling intensity combination determined profile intensities to be optimal, an incorrect variance was assigned.
  • scaling: Fix error in variance calculation when reading .mtz files for targeted scaling.
  • xia2: bug fix for image=foo.h5:1:n:n

DIALS 1.14.11 (2019-09-16) includes xia2 0.5.900:

  • allow reading of compressed FullCBF files (cctbx/dxtbx#80)
  • improve support for Eiger 2X images from SLS
  • update Eiger Nexus format class to understand the most recent image file format at DLS
  • bootstrap: make HDF5 installation more resilient

DIALS 1.14.12 (2019-09-19) includes xia2 0.5.900:

  • more work on supporting Eiger 2X images from SLS

DIALS 1.14.13 (2019-11-08) includes xia2 0.5.902:

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