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šŸ‘¾ ASCII Roulette :: ascii art video chat on the cli
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ASCII Roulette

šŸ‘¾ Make friends on the command line!

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Chat with a random person without ever leaving your terminal window.


Download the fast way:

# Paste this command into your terminal to install
bash <(curl -Ls

Or, build from from source:

git clone
cd ascii


Contributions and bug reports are welcome! Please check the issues section before submitting.

Here are some starter issues if you'd like to help out:

Our Contributors

About Dialup

This app is a project from the Dialup company hackathon.

Dialup is a WebRTC-based voice chat app that connects you to a random person with a similar interest.

We're hiring! Visit our jobs page to learn more. We šŸ’– Go and WebRTC.


Code and documentation Copyright 2019 Dialup, Inc.

Code released under the MIT license.

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