NoLifeStory is an third-party open-source cross-platform MapleStory client written in C++ and using OpenGL, SFML, GLEW, zlib, and BASS
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Welcome to NoLifeStory!

Directory Layout

build - Folder with projects for various IDEs and compilers
build/vc10 - Visual Studio 10 projects
build/vc11 - Visual Studio 11 projects
build/gcc - GCC makefile for linux and whatnot
doc - Documentation for NLS. You need to checkout the submodule on the gh-pages branch to access the documentation.
include - Generic headers for libraries used by NLS
resources - Various resources such as icons and fonts
src - The source code to the program

Compiling NoLifeStory

Windows with Visual Studio

  1. Open up the respective build folder for your version of Visual Studio
  2. Download the respective library archive from
  3. Extract it into the respective build folder
  4. Open up the solution in Visual Studio
  5. Build and run

Using GCC

  1. Do stuff
  2. Do more stuff
  3. ???
  4. Profit

If you can't figure out how to build NLS using GCC, then you shouldn't be using GCC in the first place

Other compilers

Why do you even bother?

Running NoLifeStory

  • Run NLS once to generate client.config (it'll probably error, if it doesn't you can skip the next step)
  • Set the path in client.config to wherever your maplestory is
  • Run NoLifeStory
  • Arrow keys to move, alt to jump, f to fly, esc to quit, enter to activate the chat bar
  • In the chatbar you can enter in the id of a map to load it up
  • ???
  • Profit