To Do List

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  1. Implement oil patches that spawn randomly around the map at or near surface with indication of area.
    • Oil patch will be thick like mud and when dried up will revert to dirt
  2. Create Machines:

    • Oil Pumper (Horizontal or Vertical)
      • Used to extract oil/petroleum gas from the Oil Patches
    • Oil Pumper Engine
      • Engine used to power the pumper (takes bc power or ic2 or UE possibly)
    • Heated Oil Tanks
      • Used to store the oil once it has been separated from the water/gas
    • Treater
      • This is what the oil/petroleum is piped too then separated into Oil/PetroleumGas/Water/Diesel
    • Water Tanks
      • Use to store water
    • Petroleum Gas Tanks
      • Used to store the gas from the extract oil
    • Petroleum Separator
      • A stacked looking device that will process the gas into propane, ethane, pentane, etc
    • Gas Engine
      • Used like BC engines
    • Diesel Engine
      • Used like BC engines
    • Propane/Gas Tank that connects by pipe
      • Used to power gas/diesel engines
    • Bio Waste Recylcer
      • Recycles Oil Waste generated by gas/diesel engines (maybe)
    • Oil/Gas/Water Pipes
      • Pressure pipes used for the mod (reverse compatible with bc pipes)

    Example Setup Photo


  • Deep oil beds
    • Perhaps rarely occuring large pockets of oil
  • Reflection Seismology
    • Using a charge (TNT?), some sensors attached to a Computer, produce a underground terrain map.
    • This would require a complicated and expensive setup for the user, but would produce a high quality map. Could be used for more than just location of oil (could show diamonds, etc.)