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Cat Client for Node.js

nodecat supports node v8+.


The nodecat required to be installed in LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

Please refer to ccat installation for further information.


via npm

npm install nodecat


Some preparations needs to be done before initializing ccat.

Then you can initialize nodecat with the following codes:

var cat = require('nodecat')

    appkey: 'appkey'

Only English characters (a-z, A-Z), numbers (0-9), underscore (_) and dash (-) are allowed in appkey.



let t = cat.newTransaction('foo', 'bar')
setTimeout(() => t.complete(), 3000)

Transaction apis

We offered a series of APIs to modify the transaction.

  • addData
  • setStatus
  • complete

Here is an exapmle:

let t = cat.newTransaction('foo', 'bar')
t.addData("key", "val")
setTimeout(() => t.complete(), 3000)

You can call addData several times, the added data will be connected by &.



Log an event.

// Log a event with success status and empty data.
cat.logEvent("Event", "E1")

// The 3rd parameter (status) is optional, default is "0".
// It can be any of string value.
// The event will be treated as "problem" unless the given status == cat.STATUS.SUCCESS ("0")
// which will be recorded in our problem report.
cat.logEvent("Event", "E2", cat.STATUS.FAIL)
cat.logEvent("Event", "E3", "failed")

// The 4th parameter (data) is optional, default is "".
// It can be any of string value.
cat.logEvent("Event", "E4", "failed", "some debug info")

// The 4th parameter (data) can also be an object
// In this case, the object will be dumped into json.
cat.logEvent("Event", "E5", "failed", {a: 1, b: 2})


Log an error with error stack traces.

Error is a special event, with type = Exception and name is given by the 1st parameter.

And the error stack traces will be added to data, which is always useful in debugging.

cat.logError('ErrorInTransaction', new Error())