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.NET API Wrapper for MediaCrush
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Sharus is a .NET API Wrapper for MediaCrush-powered websites.



  • Everything has been tested and confirmed to work.

  • All methods throw WebExceptions (if applicable), as there is no network errors handling.

###Changing the application url:

Changing the application url is simple as setting the value of Sharus.ApplicationUrl property. Sharus will use this value for all network I/O. Sharus will not validate the URL, and it must not end with a trailing /, such as

###Album Making

Making an album is simple as calling Sharush.MakeAlbum(new string[] { "hash#1", "hash#2" }). This method return a KeyValuePair<AlbumMakeStatus, string>, the response status is the key (an enum), and the value is the album hash.

The following program will attempt to make an album

var album = Sharush.Sharush.MakeAlbum(new string[] { "hash#1", "hash#2" });

if (album.Key == Sharush.Enums.AlbumMakeStatus.Success) 
  Console.WriteLine("Album hash is {0}", album.Value);
  Console.WrilteLine("Cannot make the album for the following reason {0}", album.Key);

###Hash information retrival

Getting hash informations is pretty trivial. The following methods are used to get hash informations:

  • Sharush.GetHashInfo(string hash) - for a single hash.

  • Sharush.GetHashesInfo(string[] hashes) - for multiple hashes.

  • Sharush.GetHashInfoByURL(string url) - to get hash information using a URL.

  • Sharush.GetHashesInfoByURL(string[] urls) - for multiple URLs.

All the above methods return a HashInfo object or an array of it, which it will be detailled later.

  • Sharush.HashExist(string hash) - return a boolean to indicate the existance of a hash.

  • Sharush.GetHashStatus(string hash) - return a KeyValuePair<HashStatus, HashInfo> with the key as the hash status (an enum), and the HashInfo as the value. The value is always null except when the HashStatus is equal to HashStatus.Done. Please view the Enums.cs file for all possible values.

  • Sharush.GetHashesStatus(string[] hashes) - same as GetHashStatus, except it returns a Dictionary<string, KeyValuePair<HashStatus, HashInfo>>. The Dictionary use the file hashes as the key, and a KeyValuePair<HashStatus, HashInfo> as the value.

  • Sharush.GetHashFlags(string hash) - return an IFlags object. Currently it will only return a VideoFlags object, as the api only support video flags.

####The HashInfo object:

The HashInfo object is a container that provide all possible informations for a given hash.

This is the source of the HashInfo class:

    public class HashInfo
        public HashInfo(string hash)
            this.Hash = hash;

        public string Hash { get; private set; }

        public enum BlobType { Audio, Image, Video }

        public BlobType Type { get; set; }

        public double CompressionRatio { get; set; }

        public FileEntry[] Files { get; set; }

        public FileEntry[] ExtraFiles { get; set; }

        public string OriginalMimeType { get; set; }

        /// <summary>
        /// The original file that was uploaded, as-is.
        /// </summary>
        public string Original { get; set; }

        public IMetadata[] Metadata { get; set; }

        public IFlags Flags { get; set; }

You may have noticed the FileEntry type, and also the IMetadata and IFlags interfaces.

####The FileEntry class

This class hold the acutal file data, such as the URL, the original file name, and the mimetype.

Basically, this JSON object that the API gives is converted to a FileEntry

  "file": "/CPvuR5lRhmS0.mp4",
  "url": "",
  "type": "video/mp4"

The FileEntry public members are

public string File { get; set; } // the file original name, as documented in the json api
public string MimeType { get; set; } // the mimetype
public string Url { get; set; } // the url

####The IMetadata interface

This is a dummy interface used to hold all possible types of metadata.

Currently, Sharus support 3 types of metadata:

  • DimensionMetaData - A class that have two members (Height and Width, both are int)
  • AudioAvailableMetaData - A dummy class, if it is inside the IMetadata array in the HashEntry class, then this hash have an audio.
  • VideoAvailableMetaData - Same as AudioAvailableMetaData, but to indicate video availability.

####The IFlags interface:

This is also a dummy interface. Currently the API support only video flags, but I like to keep things generic.

There is only one class that implements the IFlags interface, which is the VideoFlags class.

The VideoFlags has 3 public properties, AutoPlay, Loop, and Mute. All of these are a boolean (bool).

###Hash manipulation methods:

The following methods can manipulate hashes:

  • Sharush.SetHashFlags(string hash, KeyValuePair<string, object>[] flags) - Update the hash flags specified in the flags parameter, and return a KeyValuePair<FlagsManipulationResponse, IFlags> with the resposne status as the key, and the new flags as the value. The value is always null except when the response status is FlagsManipulationResponse.UpdateSuccessful.

  • Sharush.DeleteHash(string hash) - return a DeleteHashStatus enum, indicating the response status. Please see the Enums.cs file for all possible values.

####File Uploading

There is 2 ways to upload files, either from local files, or using URLs.

  • Sharush.UploadFile(string filename) - Upload a file from a local file. The filename should be the full path of the file.
  • Sharush.UploadFileByURL(string url) - Upload a file using a URL.

Both of these methods return KeyValuePair<UploadFileStatus, KeyValuePair<string, HashInfo>>, with the first KeyValuePair has the upload status as the key, and has another KeyValuePair as a value. The secondary KeyValuePair has the file hash as a key, and the HashInfo as a value. The file hash is always null except when the UploadFileStatus is UploadFileStatus.Succes or UploadFileStatus.AlreadyUploaded, and the HashInfo is always null except when the UploadFileStatus is UploadFileStatus.AlreadyUploaded.


//The following example upload a local file and output the compression ratio achieved by MediaCrush.

var status = Sharush.UploadFile(@"D:\d\s.jpg");

if (status.Key == UploadFileStatus.AlreadyUploaded) 
  string file_hash = status.Value.Key;
  HashInfo hash_info = status.Value.Value;

else if (status.Key == UploadFileStatus.Success)
  string file_hash = status.Value.Key;

  // Get the file hash info in another call as the API json only return the hash, so status.Value.Value is null.
  HashInfo hash_info = Sharush.GetHashInfo(file_hash);



Sharus use the Newtonsoft JSON library -


Please see the LICENSE file.

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