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Joomla 3.5 generator for Yeoman
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generator-joomla3 (Yeoomla)

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Joomla 3 resources generator. Created with Yeoman


What It Does (Better)

Using this generator, you can make quickly a Joomla 3 Components, Modules, Templates and Plugins skeleton using MVC design pattern and coding standards. These include:

  • Generate Components, Modules, Templates and Plugins to install without errors and save your time
  • Access Control Lists(ACL)
  • Gererate a Internationalization language files
  • CamelCase variable notation and files names
  • Proper MVC architecture
  • PHPDocumentor stubs for every method, as well as page-level doc blocks
  • Uses ' over ", because that's what the official Joomla library uses
  • All configuration files
  • Gulp files and and some suggested dependencies
  • Composer config file in components
  • Sass and some mixin to use
  • Bower file

Install first

First install yeoman:

$ npm install -g yo

After install yeoman, install a joomla3 generator:

$ npm install -g generator-joomla3

Finally, initiate the generator and generate your first joomla 3.5 component:

$ yo joomla3


There are currently 9 subgenerator:

  • crud: yo joomla3:crud Generate a CRUD(Controllers, Models(Form, Filter), Tables, Views, Language, etc.) for a joomla component.

  • module: yo joomla3:module Genearte a module with params

  • template: yo joomla3:template Genearte a basic template (NEW)

  • plugin: yo joomla3:plugin Genearte a plugin(Any type) with params and events.

  • custom-field: yo joomla3:custom-field Genearte a custom field (JFormFieldList).

  • controller: yo joomla3:controller Generate a JController(Form or Admin) in the current Folder

  • model: yo joomla3:model Generate a JModel(Form or List) in the current Folder

  • table: yo joomla3:table Generate a JTable in the current Folder

  • rule: yo joomla3:rule Generate a JRule field

Under Construction

Future improvements

  • Send me yours opinions and possible improvements @diarcastro on twitter. Don't forget star the project on Github


  • Try to run yo joomla3:crud subgenerator inside the folder created by yo joomla3 before install.
  • Try to create crud(yo joomla3:crud) for your tables before install component, if not possible you can run the generators inside the back|front end folder anyway :)
  • Make the model form fields based in your table sql structure
  • Accept overwrite lang files to create all translations correctly



  • Fix bug in language for submenu
  • Fix bug for form.xml extension


  • Some bugs fixed
  • Improves in Template generator


  • Added new templates generator by Gonzalo @goexrois


  • Bug fixed for spanish language in module maker


  • Bug fixed in Model form.xml


  • Added: JController generator yo joomla3:controller Try it!
  • Added: JModel generator yo joomla3:model Try it!
  • Added: JTable generator yo joomla3:table Try it!
  • Added: JRule generator yo joomla3:rule Try it!
  • Added: rules folder in default generator
  • Added: addrulepath attribute in models forms


  • Added: custom-field generator yo joomla3:custom-field Try it!


  • Added: plugin generator yo joomla3:plugin Try it!
  • Bug fixed


  • Change module generator structure
  • Bug fixed


  • Added: module generator yo joomla3:module Try it!
  • Added: reusable default data system
  • Added: reusable write files
  • Bugs fixed and clean code


  • Version Checker
  • Added: constant for view details
  • Added: path in filter.xml

v0.1.2 && v0.1.1

  • Some bugs fixed


  • generator-joomla3 Born

Donate for improvements and maintenance



MIT License


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