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Redmine Command Line Interface

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A command line interface for redmine


Execute redmine install

This will create a .redmine file in your home directory. The file is a yaml file which contains our necessary configuration

Here you can add mappings for users and status like:

    "me": 1
    "johndoe": 24
    "new": 1
    "closed": 4

This will allow to use those names with the commands instead of the ids of users or status

Use cases

  • Listing tickets

    redmine list redmine list -a me

  • Display ticket

    redmine show 524

  • Updating a ticket

    redmine update 524 -description "New description" redmine update 256 --assigned_to me

  • Updating multiple tickets

    redmine update 2 3 4 --assigned_to johndoe

  • Updating all tickets for a list

    redmine list --status new --std_output | xargs redmine update --asigned_to me --status 3 -l # Note that the last argument of the update command must be -l

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