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Conjugates most common english verbs for all persons, tenses, standard aspects, and modern moods (with active diathesis). Standard and exceptional spelling rules are obeyed.

>> Verbs::Conjugator.conjugate :be, :tense => :past, :person => :second, :plurality => :singular, :aspect => :perfective
=> :were
>> 'be nice'.verb.conjugate :subject => 'Matz'
=> "Matz is nice"
>> :sleep.verb.conjugate :tense => :future, :person => :first, :plurality => :singular, :aspect => :progressive, :subject => true
=> :"I will be sleeping"


gem install verbs


This library takes a rather strict view of English verb conjugation.


One of :past, :present, or :future. Defaults to :present.


One of :first, :second, or :third. Defaults to :third.


Either :singular or :plural. Defaults to :singular.


One of :habitual, :perfect, :perfective, :progressive, or :prospective. Defaults to :habitual.

See below for a guide to verb aspect.


One of :indicative, :imperative, or :subjunctive. Defaults to :indicative.


Set this to a string to prepend the conjugated verb with it. When set to true, a standard personal pronoun will be used.

Tense/aspect quick reference

EXAMPLE                   TENSE    ASPECT

I usually accepted        past     habitual
I had accepted            past     perfect
I accepted                past     perfective
I was accepting           past     progressive
I was about to accept     past     prospective

I accept                  present  habitual
I have accepted           present  perfect
I am having accepted      present  perfective
I am accepting            present  progressive
I am about to accept      present  prospective

I will accept             future   habitual
I will have accepted      future   perfect
I will be having accepted future   perfective
I will be accepting       future   progressive
I will be about to accept future   prospective



Copyright © 2009 Andy Rossmeissl. See LICENSE for details.