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Contributing to our API

First of all: thank you very much for helping us out! Since this is both a documentation and also a very normative document for application developers to use for developing diaspora* applications, contributing has some rules, depending on what do you want to contribute.

Things you need to know before contributing

If you want to get in touch with other diaspora* developers, check our wiki for information on how we communicate. Feel free to ask if you have any questions!

As with the main diaspora* repository, everyone interacting with our code, issue trackers, chat rooms, mailing lists, the wiki, and the discourse forum is expected to follow the diaspora* code of conduct.

Report a security issue

Found a security issue in some parts of the API or its implementation? Please disclose it responsibly. We have a team of developers listening to The PGP fingerprint is AB0D AB02 0FC5 D398 03AB 3CE1 6F70 243F 27AD 886A.

Fix spelling or grammar issues

Feel free to open a pull request right away if you find any spelling or grammar issues in these documents.

Suggesting new routes or requesting field changes

If you want to suggest new routes or you want to add or remove fields in requests/responses, please open an issue before doing anything else. Try to describe you idea and why you think the diaspora* API should change as close as possible. Most changes will have to get discussed in a larger group before implementing them, so it's important to start those discussions before writing any specifications.