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Diaspora source tarball generation

Creates generic diaspora source tarballs.


Bootstrap package from git repo: % sudo apt-get install git-core % git clone git:// % cd diaspora-packages

Generate source tarball: % cd source % ./ source Using repo: Commit id: 1010092232_b313272 Source: dist/diaspora-0.0-1010092232_b313272.tar.gz Required bundle: 1010081636_d1a4ee0 %

The source tarball could be used as-is, by unpacking and making a bundle install. An alternative is to generate a canned bundle like: % ./ bundle [ lot's of output...] Bundle: dist/diaspora-bundle-0.0-1010081636_d1a4ee0.tar.gz %

This file can be installed anywhere. To use it, add symlinks from bundle to the app. Reasonable defaults are to install diaspora in /usr/share/diaspora and bundle in /usr/lib/diaspora-bundle. With these, the link setup is % cd /usr/share/diaspora/master % rm -rf vendor % ln -sf /usr/lib/diaspora-bundle/vendor vendor % ln -sf /usr/lib/diaspora-bundle/Gemfile . % ln -sf /usr/lib/diaspora-bundle/Gemfile.lock . % ln -sf /usr/lib/diaspora-bundle/config .bundle/config

The directories tmp, log, and public/uploads needs to be writable. If using apache passenger, read the docs on uid used and file ownership.

Note that the bundle version required is printed each time a new source is generated.


The source tarball is as retrieved from diaspora with following differences:

  • The .git directories are removed (freeing more than 50% of the size).
  • A new file config/gitversion is created.
  • The file public/source.tar.gz is generated.
  • The file .bundle/config is patched. Remove before doing bundle install

The bundle is basically the output from 'bundle package'. The git-based gems are also added into git-gems. Bundle also houses the two files Gemfile and Gemfile.lock source applies all patches named *.patch in this directory after checking out source from git.

./ bundle|source occasionally fails on bad Gemfile.lock. The root cause is a bad Gemfile in the git repo. Possible fixes includes using a older version known to work: % ./ -c c818885b6 bundle % ./ -c c818885b6 source

or forcing a complete update of Gemfile.lock using 'bundle update' (a potentially problematic operation): % ./ -f bundle

In other cases, script fails due to bad state e. g., after other errors. Try to just remove the cached diaspora dir: % rm -rf dist/diaspora

or everything: % rm -rf dist

before making a new try.


' source' script checks out latest version of diaspora into the dist/diaspora directory. This content is, after some patches, the diaspora package.

' bundle' makes a bundle package in the diaspora dir. The resulting bundle is stored in vendor/bundle. This is, after some more patches, the content of diaspora-bundle tarball. Target systems makes a bundle install --local to use it.

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