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rerun = File.file?('rerun.txt') ?'rerun.txt') : ""
format = ENV['CUCUMBER_FORMAT'] || 'pretty'
# option lists for the `cucumber` command
rerun_opts = rerun.to_s.strip.empty? ? "--format #{format} features" : "--format #{format} #{rerun}"
std_opts = "--format #{format} --strict --tags ~@wip --tags ~@screenshots"
screenshot_opts = "--require features --format pretty"
# 'normal' test runs
default: <%= std_opts %> -r features
wip: -r features --tags @wip:3 --wip features
rerun: <%= rerun_opts %> --format rerun --out rerun.txt --strict --tags ~@wip --tags ~@screenshots
# screenshot feature
ref_screens: "<%= screenshot_opts %> --tags @reference-screenshots"
cmp_screens: "<%= screenshot_opts %> --tags @comparison-screenshots"
all_screens: "<%= screenshot_opts %> --tags @screenshots"
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