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Welcome to the Diaspora Project!

Diaspora is a privacy-aware, personally-controlled, do-it-all open source social network. Check out our project site.

Build Status Dependency Status

Diaspora is currently going through a huge refactoring push, the code is changing fast! If you want to do something big, reach out on IRC or the mailing list first, so you can contribute effectively <3333

With Diaspora you can:

  • Run and host your own pod and have control over your own social experience.
  • Own your own data.
  • Make friends across other pods seamlessly.

Documentation is available on our wiki

Quick Start:

Here's how you can get a development environment up and running. You can check out system-specific guides here.

Step 1: Clone the repo

```git clone

### Step 2: Navigate to your cloned repository
```cd ../diaspora

Step 3: Install Bundler and gems (depending on OS Vendor)

```sudo gem install bundler && sudo bundle install

### Step 4: Edit database.yml, and rename application.yml.example to just application.yml 

### Step 5: Create and migrate the database
```rake db:create && rake db:migrate

Step 6: Start the test server

```rails s

## Resources:

- [Wiki](
- [Podmin Resources](
- [Contributing](
- [Dev List](!forum/diaspora-dev)
- [Discuss List](!forum/diaspora-discuss)
- [IRC](
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