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Commits on May 5, 2015
  1. @jhass

    Merge pull request #5930 from Raven24/fix3076

    jhass authored
    limit the GET request to the bookmarklet to ~2000 chars
  2. @Raven24
  3. @jhass
  4. @RichKavanagh @jhass

    Change <subtitle> branding on atom feeds

    RichKavanagh authored jhass committed
    Minor consistency change ( from Diaspora to diaspora* )
    closes #5929
Commits on May 4, 2015
  1. @jhass
  2. @svbergerem @jhass

    Check request.format :mobile in home controller

    svbergerem authored jhass committed
  3. @denschub
  4. @jhass @denschub

    Bump open_graph_reader

    jhass authored denschub committed
    It now returns the origin for a missing og:url
  5. @jhass
  6. @jhass

    Merge pull request #5922 from diaspora/update_gems

    jhass authored
    Update gems
  7. @jhass

    bump sidekiq

    jhass authored
  8. @jhass

    bump ruby-oembed

    jhass authored
  9. @denschub
  10. @efstrian @denschub
  11. @jhass
  12. @jhass

    Merge pull request #5904 from Raven24/JesseWeinstein-patch-1

    jhass authored
    prefill bookmarklet with markdown-formatted content
  13. @jhass
  14. @jhass
  15. @jhass
  16. @svbergerem @jhass

    Add syntax highlighting for markdown content

    svbergerem authored jhass committed
  17. @jhass

    Merge pull request #5909 from svbergerem/update-jasmine

    jhass authored
    Update jasmine
  18. @jhass
  19. @svbergerem @jhass

    Use rails-assets for jquery.elastic.js

    svbergerem authored jhass committed
  20. @jhass
  21. @svbergerem @jhass

    Update jquery-rails

    svbergerem authored jhass committed
  22. @jhass
  23. @svbergerem @jhass

    Add ctrl+enter shortcut for conversations

    svbergerem authored jhass committed
  24. @jhass
  25. @svbergerem @jhass

    Fix close account for mobile view

    svbergerem authored jhass committed
    and use Bootstrap modal for desktop close account
  26. @jhass

    Merge pull request #5918 from jhass/ruby22

    jhass authored
    Recommend Ruby 2.2, drop Ruby 2.0 support
Commits on May 3, 2015
  1. @jhass
  2. @jhass
  3. @jhass
  4. @jhass
  5. @jhass

    Revert "Revert "Merge pull request #5852 from margori/3393-activity-s…

    jhass authored
    This reverts commit 2c7848e.
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