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Between two manually registered users on a server, messages are not being passed. Both appear on each other's friend list and are specifically listed under the aspect the messages are posted under, but messages posted by any one of them are not displayed for the other.

One corresponding logfile entry:

Started POST "/status_messages" for at Thu Sep 16 02:37:52 +0100 2010
  Processing by StatusMessagesController#create as JS
  Parameters: {"authenticity_token"=>"JNxXGpOnRp6NZm0SdrEAKKTd9RGJqHvE3zxYE0C0mAg=", "utf8"=>"✓", "aspect_ids"=>["4c9171353623e11aa900001d"], "status_message"=>{"message"=>"sdfgaaa"}}
Rendered comments/_new_comment.html.haml (5.2ms)
Rendered comments/_comments.html.haml (66.6ms)
Rendered status_messages/_status_message.html.haml (147.4ms)
Websocketing to 4c9171353623e11aa900001a
Adding xml for # to message queue to localhost
Adding xml for # to message queue to localhost
Redirected to http://localhost:3000/status_messages/4c9174f13623e11aa90000e5
Completed 302 Found in 598ms

System is Debian testing with a number of unstable packages. Only deviation from Ubuntu install guide is mongodb being the repository version (1.4.4).

It appears to work between washington.joindiaspora.com and adams.joindiaspora.com. Either it's my configuration being at fault or it actually works between different servers but not in loopback.

I'm having the same thing happen here. I have a local instance with two locally created users and there does not appear to be any message passing going on in loopback. Using Ubuntu 10.4; followed install instructions to the letter.

Sample log output from opening someone's profile:

Started GET "/people/4c919cc0b10703558a000077" for at Thu Sep 16 01:06:17 -0400 2010
Processing by PeopleController#show as HTML
Parameters: {"id"=>"4c919cc0b10703558a000077"}
Rendered js/_websocket_js.haml (8.4ms)
Rendered aspects/_new_aspect.haml (5.1ms)
Rendered shared/_aspect_nav.haml (12.8ms)
Rendered shared/_sub_header.haml (3.2ms)
Rendered posts/_debug.haml (3.5ms)
Rendered people/show.html.haml within layouts/application (59.3ms)
Completed 200 OK in 239ms (Views: 63.2ms)
Unsubscribing socket 1 from 4c919b91b10703558a000026
Subscribing socket to 4c919b91b10703558a000026
Socket received connection to: /people/4c919cc0b10703558a000077

Sturmeh commented Sep 16, 2010

Two accounts here, can't see each others content, haven't got any other seeds to test with inter-seed content.


ghost commented Sep 16, 2010

Local message passing is now working in master. We're writing a rake task to correct problems with old users.

is 'master' something else than the github repo? i pulled the source from here yesterday and the problem still exists (at least for me)

Sturmeh commented Sep 20, 2010

Same here, did full re-install and isn't working.

z1r0 commented Sep 25, 2010

I'm on Debian and it doesn't work for me, too. tried to completely reinstall it, removing the database but message are still not shared.

is there a possibility to reopen this bug?

This issue was closed.

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