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Photos posted from new profile page does not federate #3222

pubis opened this Issue · 7 comments

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Jonas Lundqvist Maxwell Salzberg Florian Staudacher Jonne Haß
Jonas Lundqvist
pubis commented

It seems like photos posted from the new publisher on the new profile page does not federate. The post itself gets federated but the photo disappears.

Example: - Original from my pod - Federated without photo

I'v seen this same behavior on my pod, and

Maxwell Salzberg
maxwell commented

Have you checked this with the federation logger? There is a larger issue with the way photos federate period, so I am wondering if it is just that issue, or there is something to do with the new publisher

Deleted user
ghost commented

Photo's directly uploaded to diaspora hardly/never federate...why don't you just embed the photo, eg with markdown?

Jonas Lundqvist
pubis commented

@maxwell Nope, haven't checked with that. I just noticed it works when using the publisher on the stream.
Can you point me to how to check with the federation logger?

@wubwubwubcr3w well thats just a workaround... not a solution.

Jonas Lundqvist
pubis commented

@Raven24 ah, thanks!

Jonas Lundqvist
pubis commented

alright, after finally getting the integration tests to run properly I got this from the logs...

Posting photo from new profile page:

integration1-2012-05-06 20:59:08 +0200: user:1 dispatching StatusMessage:e24801a363fde0ce
integration1-2012-05-06 20:59:08 +0200: user:1 dispatching Participation:cd12004787a46d59

and posting from the stream:

integration1-2012-05-06 21:01:02 +0200: user:1 dispatching StatusMessage:b347b1e43cb3e654
integration1-2012-05-06 21:01:02 +0200: user:1 dispatching Participation:1dc65703a00b87e0
integration1-2012-05-06 21:01:05 +0200: user:1 dispatching Photo:597820d517765953
Jonne Haß

new profile/publisher is gone.

Jonne Haß jhass closed this
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