Undefined method `author` for nil:NilClass #3533

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I see a lot of those "undefined method" issues posted here, but here's a new one :) This time it's author.

undefined method `author' for nil:NilClass

I got lots of them after bringing my pod back online today, which resulted in lots of failed Resque jobs, and I guess lots of lost updates from other pods. I killed Thin, restarted, and I don't see as many of them as before, but it's probably because it thinks it's already processed all those jobs.

Here's the failed job from the Resque UI:


"    <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>\n
     <diaspora xmlns=\"https://joindiaspora.com/protocol\" xmlns:me=\"http://salmon-protocol.org/ns/magic-env\">\n
               <me:data type='application/xml'>LOTS OF ENCRYPTED SHIT HERE</me:sig>\n

    undefined method `author' for nil:NilClass

    /path/to/diaspora/lib/postzord/receiver/public.rb:67:in `xml_author'
    /path/to/diaspora/lib/postzord/receiver.rb:15:in `author_does_not_match_xml_author?'
    /path/to/diaspora/lib/postzord/receiver/public.rb:55:in `save_object'
    /path/to/diaspora/lib/postzord/receiver/public.rb:26:in `receive!'
    /path/to/diaspora/lib/postzord/receiver.rb:11:in `perform!'
    /path/to/diaspora/app/models/jobs/receive_unencrypted_salmon.rb:14:in `perform'

Mmmh, this may or may not be the same bug as 3519


Raven24 commented Sep 1, 2012

yeah, I'm closing this as duplicate of #3519.
for now, you can just remove those failed jobs, since retrying them won't change anything

Raven24 closed this Sep 1, 2012

Does that mean we effectively miss updates from other pods?


Raven24 commented Sep 1, 2012

quite possibly. although I can't say for sure...

Looks like it. I haven't received any new updates from anybody since yesterday, and my failed jobs log keeps growing. Is there any workaround at this point?


Raven24 commented Sep 2, 2012

sorry, no.
I mean, we're all using the same code on our servers and I haven't noticed anything of importantce I would be missing from other servers, content-wise.

For now you can ignore that kind of error and clear the failure log from time to time.

Well, I'm missing a LOT of posts. If I look up some people's profiles on my pod, it is also missing a lot of public posts. Should I log in a new issue then?

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