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Fixes problems when viewing your stream in Safari 4.1.3.

The post order would appear reversed and the infinite scroll would not work.

Joe Bivins added some commits Mar 3, 2012
Joe Bivins Add ISO 8601 timestamp parsing for legacy browsers.
Would cause legacy browsers (e.g. Safari 4.1.3) to show posts in the
reverse order and the infinite scroll would not be triggered when
scrolling down to the end of the page.
Joe Bivins Correct JS error in app_spec.js e26fcf8
Joe Bivins Wrap the publisher params tag in a div instead of a paragraph.
Safari 4.1.3 cited the closing params tag as being an unmatched tag.
Changing the paragraph to a div causes the error to disappear.

Yeah, you're right. There is an existing helper in public/javascripts/app/helpers/text_formatter.js that adds a helper to apps.helpers and JavaScript models use that. I could create something similar, make a date_formatter.js helper, and have models use it in a similar fashion.

@maxwell maxwell commented on the diff Mar 6, 2012
@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@
= form_for(StatusMessage.new) do |status|
= status.error_messages
- %p
+ %div
maxwell Mar 6, 2012

is this related to the bugfix? the publisher is so wonky that I am actually sorta nervous about this change...

jbivins Mar 7, 2012

No. It was a separate fix for a JavaScript error that I noticed in the Safari error console.


If you omit that change, the main problem of the posts appearing in the reverse order will still be corrected. The older version of Safari appears to operate fine with the particular change omitted.

@maxwell maxwell merged commit 0d5c518 into diaspora:master Mar 10, 2012
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