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assets/javascripts Replace jquery.autoresize with autosize
diaspora update photos when received over public path
federated add logging mixin and replace federation-logger
messagebus New configuration system
postzord change public_url to atom_url and profile_url
rack Fix the IE version number extractor to work without space between MSI…
salmon replace Rails.logger with logging-logger
stream Move tag prefill to Backbone, add tests
tasks make assets:generate_error_pages depend on environment [ci skip]
account_deleter.rb Add JSON exporter for user profile download
bookmarklet_renderer.rb update bookmarklet
configuration_methods.rb fix @pod_uri/@pod_url and add url_to to AppConfig
diaspora.rb Some refactorings, safer regex
direction_detector.rb MS DG update copyright
email_inviter.rb ActionMailer deliver -> deliver_now
encryptor.rb upgrade to Rails 3.2.3
error_page_renderer.rb update bookmarklet
evil_query.rb replace Rails.logger with logging-logger
h_card.rb fix empty searchable in hcard, parse empty as false
hydra_wrapper.rb replace Rails.logger with logging-logger
i18n_interpolation_fallbacks.rb raise original exception in i18n interpolation fallback middleware
node_info.rb Implement NodeInfo
postzord.rb End the require mess
publisher.rb replace mentions of out-of-aspect people in limited posts with just a
pubsubhubbub.rb fix some tests around pubsubhubub
salmon.rb End the require mess
share_visibility_converter.rb it's enviroNment
sidekiq_middlewares.rb Actually allow false as a value for sidekiq.backtrace in our Sidekiq
stream.rb End the require mess
unicorn_killer.rb add unicorn back in. only use one worker process for now. also, move …
webfinger.rb add logging mixin and replace federation-logger
webfinger_profile.rb replace Rails.logger with logging-logger
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