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Latest commit bdc55f0 @denschub denschub Release
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environments add logfile-appender in test environment
initializers Disable the handlebars auto-indent feature
locales add moderators to report email recievers
vines Add vines README file for cert instructions
.jshint.json Update javascript styleguide
.jshint_ignore Use jshintrb and guard-jshintrb instead of jshint
application.rb precompile images from facebox gem
asset_sync.rb move asset_sync require to the earliest point possible
boot.rb make everything boot again
cucumber.yml add cucumber feature for taking screenshots of important pages
database.yml.example Add collation and config check
defaults.yml Release
diaspora.yml.example Add option to set a pid file for unicorn in diaspora.yml
environment.rb Refactor config/ directory
eye.rb split eye output in 2 logfiles and forward stdout to terminal in dev …
load_config.rb Load diaspora.yml overrides for test env
locale_settings.yml make nds and en_valspeak available
logging.rb make sql and federation debug-logging configurable
oembed_providers.yml Avoid mixed content warning through oEmbed content
routes.rb DRY app/router.js
schedule.rb.example Adds maintenance rake tasks for logrotate and temp file deletion; Add…
selenium.yml MS DG update copyright
sidekiq.yml Replace export_photos and export_users by export queue
unicorn.rb Add option to set a pid file for unicorn in diaspora.yml
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