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Jonne Haß jhass redirect 0d45a6a
Jonne Haß jhass Updated Home (markdown) b5724fd
jonsger jonsger Updated Mobile and Third Party Developer Resources (markdown) a89cbfb
jonsger jonsger Updated Diaspora And Amazon S3 (markdown) c2bd81c
jonsger jonsger Updated Using lighttpd as webserver (markdown) c48b29b
jonsger jonsger Updated Run Diasporas Components (markdown) ca5cbe1
jonsger jonsger Updated Known Issues and Feature Requests (markdown) 1ccb7f5
jonsger jonsger Updated Community supported pods (markdown) 809975e
jonsger jonsger Updated Become a Contributor (markdown) 4b4615d
jonsger jonsger Updated Installing on Gentoo (markdown) 11a02f1
jonsger jonsger Updated Markdown Reference Guide (markdown) 6adf718
jonsger jonsger Updated Logos, Icons, and Visual Art (markdown) fbfed47
aj rivendale2010 Updated Installing on Ubuntu (markdown) ec1a56d
aj rivendale2010 Updated Installing on heroku (markdown) 5c47a49
aj rivendale2010 Updated Installation Guides (markdown) dc091cf
aj rivendale2010 Updated Notes on Installing and Running Diaspora (markdown) b3d5045
aj rivendale2010 Updated Community supported pods (markdown) 25619bd
jonsger jonsger Updated Meetup Toolbox (markdown) 677f2ae
jonsger jonsger Updated Similar and Related Projects (markdown) c2825b7
aj rivendale2010 Revert 24f1a2bc61d236cab2a3c31ae161845b6d996812^ ... 24f1a2bc61d236cab2a3c31ae161845b6d996812 on An Introduction to the Diaspora Source bcb90f6
aj rivendale2010 Destroyed Deploy Diaspora to EngineYard using a Windows PC (markdown) 0be1fc4
aj rivendale2010 Destroyed Setting up development tools on Ubuntu (markdown) 33923e1
Jonne Haß jhass Updated Tools to use with Diaspora (markdown) a1d2a5d
Jonne Haß jhass Updated How to contribute translations (markdown) 7691c2a
goob goobertron Made updates and additions and have changed to MediaWiki markup. 6e0d2cd
Jonne Haß jhass Updated How to work on bugs (markdown) 035969a
Jonne Haß jhass Updated Wiki Plan (markdown) 6a3293a
Jonne Haß jhass Updated Why client side encryption is a bad idea (markdown) de35928
Jonne Haß jhass Updated Welcoming Committee (markdown) dd74e21
Jonne Haß jhass Updated Website Copy Editing (markdown) dcc31ee
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