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Limited fields visible on settings page #13

ghost opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Installed on WP3.2.1 for use with a account. After activation, only three fields visible on plugin settings page:

  • Diaspora ID
  • Connection type
  • Link shortener (No password field).

Create post page shows "Attention: Configure before using" below the D* logo, even after saving settings (presumably due to the lack of a password).


Made a fix for it (the commit heading is incorrectly labeled).

The newer version of doing authentication with Diaspora is in the activity-steams branch of this plugin.


but activity-streams use oauth and it is not clear where to get the oauth ID and Secret..


Switch to the as_note branch of Diaspora. Set yourself to be an administrator of the pod (there's an admin configuration in config/application.yml) and sign into to your Diaspora installation.

Click on the your name in the upper-right drop-down and choose admin.
On the admin page there is a Post to Diaspora v1 section at the bottom. Fill in a name and a base url. The base url should be the url of your wordpress blog.
Click on the submit button and the oauth id and secret will print somewhere on the screen.

Give the Wordpress plugin the oauth id and secret. After you save the settings, the plug-in will ask you to "connect" to Diaspora.


but i am not launching any diaspora applicatoin so i am not an administrator. so i need to ask the admin.

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