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Feature: Change password

Scenario: Change my password
Given I am signed in
When I go to the users edit page
And I fill out change password section with my password and "newsecret" and "newsecret"
And I press "Change password"
Then I should see "Password changed"
Then I should be on the new user session page
When I sign in with password "newsecret"
Then I should be on the stream page

Scenario: Reset my password
Given a user with email ""
Given I am on forgot password page
When I fill out forgot password form with ""
And I submit forgot password form
Then I should see "You will receive an email with instructions"
When I follow the "Change my password" link from the last sent email
Then I should see "Change my password"
When I fill out reset password form with "supersecret" and "supersecret"
And I submit reset password form
Then I should be on the stream page
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