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Feature: private messages
In order to be talkative
As a User
I want to converse with people
Given a user with username "bob"
And a user named "Alice Awesome" with email "alice@alice.alice"
When I sign in as "bob@bob.bob"
And a user with username "bob" is connected with "alice_awesome"
Scenario: send a message
Given I send a message with subject "Greetings" and text "hello, alice!" to "Alice Awesome"
Then I should see "Greetings" within "#conversation_inbox"
And I should see "Greetings" within "#conversation_show"
And "Alice Awesome" should be part of active conversation
And I should see "hello, alice!" within ".stream_container"
When I sign in as "alice@alice.alice"
And I reply with "hey, how you doing?"
Then I should see "hey, how you doing?" within ".stream_container"
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