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Feature: public repost
In order to make Diaspora more viral
As a User
I want to reshare my friend's post
Given a user named "Bob Jones" with email "bob@bob.bob"
And a user named "Alice Smith" with email "alice@alice.alice"
And a user with email "bob@bob.bob" is connected with "alice@alice.alice"
# should be covered in rspec, so testing that the post is added to
# in jasmine should be enough coverage
Scenario: When I reshare, it shows up on my profile page
Given "bob@bob.bob" has a public post with text "reshare this!"
And I sign in as "alice@alice.alice"
And I preemptively confirm the alert
And I follow "Reshare"
And I wait for the ajax to finish
Then I should see a flash message indicating success
And I should see a flash message containing "successfully"
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