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@AJenbo AJenbo released this Oct 9, 2019

Based on Devilution 0.10.0


  • Sound is now accurate to the original
  • All in-game issues fixed
  • Delete hero, inline dialogs and scrollbars are now implemented
  • Screenshots now have different names
  • Multiple simultaneous dialogs fixed
  • All builds are now 64bit (except for Windows and Raspberry Pi)
  • Memory leaks and crashes fixed
  • All keys are now mapped
  • UI text now has correct shadows
  • Much lower CPU usage
  • diabdat.mpq can now be loaded with read-only access

Known issues

  • Error dialogs not implemented in main UI
  • The game must restart after hosting multiplayer

Use the following SHA1 sums to verify the downloads:
63603eb6761d534c1c46cc795139606fef6411e8 devilutionx-linux-x86_64.7z

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