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Add projection and expectation value macros

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@@ -372,6 +372,29 @@
% If the |braket| option is passed, |physymb| pulls in the |braket| package for
% writing Dirac notation. See the documentation for that package for details.
+% Additionally, two semantic macros are provided as alternate names for certain
+% combinations of bras and kets:
+% \DescribeMacro{\expect} To get an expectation value (an on-diagonal matrix element with
+% the state left implicit, $\expect{A}$), use |\expect|\marg{operator}. This is just an
+% alternate name for |braket|'s |\braket|\marg{operator}; the only reason to use it is
+% to make it clear what you meant to someone reading your source code. (A very good reason,
+% as far as I'm concerned) You can put an arbitrary expression within |\expect|, but don't
+% use vertical bars because then it'll look like a matrix element $\expect{\psi|A|\psi}$.
+% \DescribeMacro{\Expect} |\Expect| is the same as |\expect| except that it scales the angle
+% brackets using |\left| and |\right|.
+% \DescribeMacro{\project} For a projection operator (outer product between a state and itself),
+% we have the command |\projop|\marg{label}\marg{value}, which comes out as $\projop{\psi}{x}$.
+% To get a general outer product between two different states, use |\bra| and |\ket|,
+% \begin{center}
+% |\ket{|\meta{ket label}|}|\meta{value}|\bra{|\meta{bra label}|}|
+% \end{center}
+% \DescribeMacro{\Project} Again, |\Project| is just like |\project| except that it scales the
+% delimiters.
% \subsection{Units}
% If the |units| option is provided to |physymb|, it automatically includes the
@@ -671,6 +694,13 @@
% \end{macrocode}
+% Semantic Dirac notation, implemented on top of braket macros
+% \begin{macrocode}
+% \end{macrocode}
% Here we load |siunitx| if the |units| option was passed.
% \begin{macrocode}

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