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%% Class nature
%% Written by Peter Czoschke,
%% v1.0 24 Feb. 2004
%% A document class for Nature letters and articles that (should)
%% conform to the Nature preprint style as defined by their Word template.
%% I created this class for personal purposes and without any connection
%% to the Nature Publishing Group. I in no way claim that documents generated
%% with this file fully comply with their current style requirements.
%% I disclaim any responsibility for the use of this file heretofore.
%% ------------------------------------
%% See the accompanying file nature-template.tex for an example.
%% Use with naturemag.bst if using BibTeX.
%% Nature wants things in the order:
%% title, text, methods, references, Supplementary Information line (if any),
%% acknowledgements, interest declaration, corresponding author line,
%% tables, figure legends
%% This class provides the following non-standard features:
%% 1 "affiliations" environment for listing the authors' institutions
%% 2 "methods" environment for the Methods section
%% 3 "addendum" environment for the Acknowledgements, etc. at the end
%% In addition, the abstract, figure and table environments are redefined. See below.
\ProvidesClass{nature}[24/2/2004 v1.0]
\typeout{A class for writing preprints for the journal Nature}
\typeout{Written by Peter Czoschke}
\typeout{ }
%% make labels in bibliobraphy be #.
%% make citations be superscripts, taken from citesupernumber.sty
\def\@cite#1#2{$^{\mbox{\scriptsize #1\if@tempswa , #2\fi}}$}
%% Some style parameters
%% Redefine \maketitle for Nature style
{\Large\bfseries\noindent\sloppy \textsf{\@title} \par}%
{\noindent\sloppy \@author}%
%% Define the affiliations environment, list each institution as an \item
%% Put after \maketitle
%% Redefine the abstract environment to be the first bold paragraph
%% Redefine the \section command.
\renewcommand{\section}{\@startsection {section}{1}{0pt}%
\renewcommand{\subsection}{\@startsection {subsection}{2}{0pt}%
%% Define the methods environment. Use \subsection to separate.
%% No heading for References section, but eat up the extra space from \section command
%% Define the addendum environment for Supplementary Info, Acknowledgements, etc.
%% Redefine the figure and table environments.
%% The new figure environment defers printing of all figure captions
%% until the end of the document and prints them in sans serif font.
%% The \includegraphics command is ignored since Nature wants figures
%% as separate files.
%% The table environment was just changed to print on a separate page in
%% sans serif font. Tables should all be moved to the end of the document
%% manually.
% \refstepcounter{figure}
% \ifthenelse{\value{figure}=1}{
% \newpage\noindent%
% \rule{\textwidth}{1pt}
% }{
% \par\vfill
% }
% \sffamily\noindent\textbf{Figure \arabic{figure}}\hspace{1em}#2}
% }
%% ignore all \includegraphics commands in the document