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a simple read-only sequence database, designed for short reads
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Pull request Compare This branch is 263 commits ahead of ctb:master.

Merge pull request #31 from dib-lab/fix/896

Tests for attribute equality/non-equality errors
latest commit ddcbcbd761
@mr-c mr-c authored
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benchmarks Fix Accuracy to Quality, 'an quality' to 'a quality'
bigtests Fix exception error
doc v0.9 release notes
.gitignore further doc pruning/cleaning
CODE_OF_CONDUCT.rst Un-renamed file
ChangeLog Merge branch 'master' of into fix/896 make doc gen repro ship relocated test data
Makefile fix test for py3 s/ged-lab/dib-lab/g
TODO add to TODO add Doxygen support Py3 via futurize
tox.ini Remove pygr dependency from tox new version of

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