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Commits on Jul 7, 2019
  1. Big refactor on the rust codebase (#692)

    luizirber committed Jul 7, 2019
    save semi-working
    initial bigsi
    Rename Leaf to Dataset
    remove storage from readdata trait
    basic search working
    start best_only
    UKHS save and load, expose draff command
    move ffi to mod dir
    split ffi functions
    initial draff command
    keeping track of unique kmers with a Nodegraph
    Fix overcounting, add HLL storage
    make tests deterministic
    move Signature from root to submodule
    move KmerMinHash into submodule
    fix finch
    make index consistent with other submodules
    starting support for multiple signature types
    move add_sequence and check_compatible to SigsTrait
    use unimplemented if something is missing
    initial docs and warnings cleanup
    move sbt into submodule
    reorganize sbt module
    insertion working for SBT
    Replace derive_builder with typed_builder
    using fastx parser from rust-bio
    search saves output
    Rename Signatures enum to Sketch
    Move nodegraph into sketch
    Storage args are a proper enum now
    explicit sig and dataset conversion
    Use syntax inspired by czbiohub/extract_kmers for codon table (original commit:
    demo command for counting unique hashes in an SBT
    implement sbt v4 parsing, and clean up clippy warnings
    Start replacing the Factory struct with an enum
    move smrs bin to src/bin
    split draff commands from smrs
    fix v4 loading
Commits on Jul 6, 2019
  1. Fix exception assertions (#693)

    luizirber authored and ctb committed Jul 6, 2019
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