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GLMusicViz [IN PROGRESS AS OF JAN 06 2015]

Personal project I worked on/off on during the last week of winter vacation.


This project is not meant to be a design project for a music visualizer. The music visualizer was just program that allows me to write C++ and openGL code. I never meant for the visualizer to be especially fancy or pretty, I just wanted to see if I could create a more robust way for dealing with OpenGL (e.g. the GLModels namespace and GLShaders namespace). This is my second project using C++ and OpenGL, so I can't really say how succesful it is.

Current Status

3 Models are present in the scene- a quad, a cube, and a curve. The curve is created using a neville interpolation where the control point is controlled by the beat of the music. The camera rotates around the cube over time.

See for latest release. To run, extract all files and run GLMusicViz.exe. If I'm lucky it will work. Probably only runs on windows at the moment.


Change cube texture based on fft data.

Change cube rotation speed based on tempo.

Possibly manipulate vertices (expand / contract cube) based on music pulse.

Other visualization ideas.


Setup- Set VC++ include and lib directories to include include and lib directories from FMOD and gfwl