4803 Final Project- A music composer for processing using circles.
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4803 Final Project- A music composer for processing using circles.


This system has four 'instruments' for each octave. They can be switched between using the controls in the next section. Each instrument has a number in the middle representing the number of seconds to loop for. This can be changed in the code using TIME1, TIME2, TIME3, TIME4

The gray lines at normal zoom represent the semitones corresponding to notes. The outermost circle represents the 11th semitone, while the innermost circle represents the 0th semitone. The snapping level determine what semitone to snap to (if at all). You can snap between semitones, as well as each 10th of a semitone. The 1/10th lines will appear at a high zoom level (> 2.0).

Single notes are represented by a black line.

Chords can be made manually, or using the chord controls provided. The supported chords are as follows: Major(Blue) Minor(Darker Blue) Augmented(Yellow) Diminished(Dark Yellow) Suspended 4th (Purple/Pink) Suspended 2nd (Dark Purple)

Below is the table of arc colors. Arc colors correspond to just tunings or the pitch construction of the chord. With the root as the chord, a chord is constructed with the pitch as the root note. With the average, the pitch selected is used to attempt a reconstruction of a chord with that note as the average pitch. This works O.k. for equi-tempered, but the just version needs work.

Colors Root is chord Avg is chord
Equi-tempered NO ARC COLOR BLUE
Just tuning GREEN RED



Switch between instruments/circles: 1 2 3 4
Go up an octave: Arrow key up
Go down an octave: Arrow key down
Increment zoom: +
Decrement zoom: -
Toggle zooming: Mouse right click


Snap next notes to semi-tone level: n
Snap all notes to semi-tone level (cannot be undone): N
Increment semitone round level (power of 10s): ]
Decrement semitone round level (power of 10s): [
#   Note that a pitch is rounded as follows-
#   Math.round(pitch * semitone round level) / semitone round level

Snap all note startimes to nearest interval: I
Snap all note end times to nearest interval: i
#   Note to change the times, change the Intervals[] array


Create next notes as chord: c
Convert all notes to chords (cannot be undone): C
Create next notes as just chords: j
Create next chords using selected pitch as root or average: r

#   Note that the chord is determine by the following chord types
Major Chord: M
Minor Chord: m
Augmented Chord: a
Diminished Chord: d
Segmented Second: s
Segmented Fourth: S
#   End types


Play all instruments + octaves: p
Stop playback: q
#   You must stop and restart playback to hear new notes.
#   You must stop playing back before hitting play again.


Clear last placed: z
Clear all on current instrument: e
Exit application: Q


Display Save/load from file Interactive drag/drop onto bars Fix visualiztion