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factcheck-service Added service and demo components Aug 16, 2018


This repository contains code to reproduce the results presented in the paper FactCheck: Validating RDF Triples Using Textual Evidence.

FactCheck is an algorithm that is used to validate triples i.e., <s, p, o> from a given Knowledge base KB. It does this by finding textual evidences from the Web or given reference corpus and use them to classify a triple as correct or incorrect.

FactCheck is modularized and contains the following three component:

  1. factcheck-demo is Front-end which lets users to enter subject, predicate and object or a (ttl) file and submit to factcheck-service.

  2. factcheck-service is a Spring RESTful web service for Factcheck which requires an object, predicate and subject to be specified in the JSON request. The API returns the total score as well as proof sentences and their corresponding scores.

  3. factcheck-core contain the core algorithm that is used to validate a given triple. The algorithm is developed as a framework and can be adapted to use various state-of-the-art classification techcniques available in WEKA. The algorithm can be used independently.

Detailed instructions on installation and usage is described under each module. Additionally, all the links to external datasets, corpora are provided.

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