Palmetto is a quality measuring tool for topics
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Palmetto is a quality measuring tool for topics

This is the implementation of coherence calculations for evaluating the quality of topics. If you want to learn more about coherence calculations and their meaning for topic evaluation, take a look at the project homepage - especially at the publications.

Palmetto from DICE is licensed under a AGPL v3.0 License.

Please take a look at the the wikipage to read how Palmetto can be used.

If you are using Palmetto for an experiment or something similar that leads to a publication, please cite the paper "Exploring the Space of Topic Coherence Measures" that you can find on the project website. A link to the project website is welcome as well :)


The palmetto directory contains the Palmetto library.

The webApp directory contains a web application offering a small demo as well as a web service API for using Palmetto.


Palmetto can be used as a docker container. The container can be build and run from the webApp directory.

docker build -t palmetto .
docker run -p 7777:8080 -d -m 4G -v /path/to/indexes/:/usr/src/indexes/:ro palmetto`

After that there is a Tomcat listening on port 7777. The demo application can be accessed using http://localhost:7777/palmetto-webapp/index.html.