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This is the documentation page for the REX framework. If you do not know what REX is and does, please refer to this page. If you know what REX is, you might be interested in the following links.
  1. Components of REX
  2. Installing REX
  3. Getting the data - Crawling
  4. Running REX - An example instantiation of REX
  5. Javadocs
  6. Source Code

You can find more information here If you have any issues, please contact the maintainers listed there.


Licences can be found here.

Support and Feedback

If you need help or you have questions do not hesitate to write an email to Lorenz Bühmann. Or use the issue tracker in the right sidebar.

How to cite

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This work has been supported by the ESF and the Free State of Saxony and the FP7 project GeoKnow (GA No. 318159).