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A question answering system which utilises machine learning.
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Template-Based Question Answering

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  • Checkout the project
  • Execute the following command in the root directory to start the server: mvn spring-boot:run


First install docker in your system. For ubuntu you may refer to below link. []

For windows users []

Move to the parent directory of project and execute the below commands

mvn clean
mvn package

Now to build your image, type the below command.

sudo docker build -f Dockerfile -t tebaqa .

To run your image, type the below command.

sudo docker run -d -p 8187:8080 -t tebaqa --restart always

It will be available under localhost:8187

Question Answering

  • To answer a question simply execute a HTTP POST request to
  • Parameters:
    • query: A string which contains a question (required).
    • lang: The language of the question (default:en) Note: Other languages than English haven't been implemented yet.
  • An example request could look like this:
    • http://localhost:8181/qa?query=What is the original title of the interpretation of dreams?&lang=en


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