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Command line tool

The DICE FTI is a command line tool and as such can either be ran from a Java IDE such as Eclipse or packaged into a Executable Jar file to be ran. The current User/VM level faults implemented are:

  • Shutdown random VM (Ignore tagged VM with "noshutdown" in random selection)
  • High CPU for VM (Using Stress tool)
  • High Memory usage for VM (Using Memtest tool)
  • Block VM external access (Using ufw)
  • High Bandwidth usage. (Using iperf, requires extrnal iperf server ip to be passed)
  • High Disk I/O usage (Using Bonnie ++)
  • Stop service running on VM
  • Shutdown random VM from whitelist provided by user (Note the whitelist does not check if VM exists or is a in a running state)
  • Call YCSB on VM running MongoDB to begin workload test.
  • Run JMeter plan

Each command is part of the the CommandLineParameters found below:

-f,--file <arg> Load from properties file.
-h,--help Shows help.
-m,--stressmem <memorytesterloops,memeorytotal,host,vmpassword,sshkeypath> Stress VM Memory.
-r,--randomVM <cloudusername, cloudpassword, cloudUUID,cloudapiurl> Shutdown random VM within FCO.
-s,--stresscpu <cores,time, host, vmpassword, sshkeypath> Stress VM CPU.
-b,--blockfirewall <host,vmpassword,sshkeypath> Block external communication from Firewall.
-k,--killservice <host,vmpassword,service,sshkeypath> Stop service running on VM.
-w,--whitelist <cloudusername, cloudpassword, vmpassword, filepath> Shutdown random VM within FCO from testfile list
-n,--stressnetwork <host, vmpassword, iperfserver, time, sshkeypath> High bandwitdh usage of VM 
-d,--diskstress <host, vmpassword, n,memeorytotal, loops, sshkeypath> High Disk usage of VM 
-y,--ycsb <host, vmpassword, workloadname, threads, sshkeypath> Start ycsb workload on MongoDB db
-j,--jmeter <hostm vmpassword,workloadname,planname,sshkeypath> Start pre-made Jmeter path

An example command using a pre-build JAR:

java -jar DICEFIT --stressmem 2 512m ubuntu@111.222.333.444 -no c://SSHKEYS/VMkey.key