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The DICE Quality Testing (QT) tool is a load testing system for Storm-based applications. QT consists of two modules:

  • QT-GEN: a tool to generate input stream data similar, but nevertheless non-identical, to the real stream data supplied to it.
  • QT-LIB: a Java library to inject custom spouts in Apache Storm that are able to replay externally provided traces (or random data) at user-specified rates and data volumes.


A high-level overview of the QT methodology is given in the figure below:

DICE-QT Methodology

QT-GEN can be used to generate workloads either from JSON files or from Apache Storm logs. The output is saved in a JSON file that is fed to custom spouts provided by QT-LIB for load-testing of an Apache Storm application.


If you notice a bug, want to request a feature, or have a question or feedback, please send an email to the tool maintainer:


Giuliano Casale (Imperial College London), email: g.casale AT


The code is published under the FreeBSD License.