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DiceKeys for Android

Unit Tests

git clone --recursive

Prerequisites Install CMake and Ninja


brew install cmake
brew install ninja

If you haven't already installed Android Studio and the SDK

bash scripts/

ANDROID_HOME should be set to $HOME/Library/Android/sdk


  1. Download and install CMake version >= 3.15.0.
  2. Download ninja-build. and put it on your PATH. Note: as of 2022-05-02, due a bug in gradle, you may need to put ninja.exe into the same directory as the CMAKE executable (under cmake\bin).
  3. Install Android Studio and the Android SDK in it
  4. set environment variable ANDROID_HOME to to $HOME/AppData/Local/Android/Sdk (may not actually be necessary, since I succeeded without doing this on 2020-2-11 - Stuart)

UI Widgets


DieFaceView uses DieFaceUpright drawable which contains 2 Undoverline drawables.

Dice Views

DiceBaseView is base class for dice views. There are several types of dice views:

  • DiceKeyView
  • StickerSheetView
  • StickerTargetSheetView

Dice Views Helper Layouts

TwoDiceViewLayout is child class of LinearLayout. It displays relations between dice views. TwoDiceViewLayout has 2 dice properties:

  • sourceDiceView
  • targetDiceView

When you set both references to sourceDiceView and targetDiceView it will display a connection line of highlighted items with a "hand with a sticker". If you set reference to targetDiceView only it will display a "hand with a sticker" only at highlighted item.

Other important classes

DiceSizeModel describes layouts, sizes, proportions of dice views.


  • Open project in Android Studio
  • Make sure the version and build number are incremented in app/build.gradle under android { ... defaultConfig { ... versionCode,versionName }}
  • Go to build menu, Generate signed bundle/APK
  • Select "Android App Bundle" and press the "Next" button
  • With keys in place, "Next" button again
  • Select "release" and press "Finish" button
  • Go to Google Play website console
  • Navigate to DiceKeys, then Production item on lefthand menu
  • Click create new release button
  • Upload the file in app/release/app-release.aab
  • Tag the release in Git