Find out cryptocurrency arbitrage opportunities across exchanges. (No Fiat withdrawal involved)
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This repo is to figure out if one can profit by doing following steps:

  1. Convert 10,000 USD to Coin X in Exchange 1.
  2. Transfer Coin X to Exchange 2.
  3. Convert Coin X to Coin Y in Exchange 2.
  4. Transfer Coin Y to Exchange 1.
  5. Convert Coin Y back to USD in Exchange 1.

Notes: Trading fees, funding fees and slippage are already considered in the calculation.


git clone
cd crypto-arbitrage
npm install


node main.js \
    --exchange1=<Exchange1> \
    --exchange2=<Exchange2> \
    --initialCoin=usd \
    --initialAmount=10000 \

# Currently supported exchanges:
# - bitfinex
# - bitstamp
# - cex
# - exmo
Params Explanation
--exchange1 Name of Exchange 1
--exchange2 Name of Exchange 2
--bridgingCoin (Default: usd) The bridging currency used to convert Coin X to Coin Y in Exchange 2
--initialCoin (Default: usd) The currency spent to buy Coin X in Exchange 1
--initialAmount (Default: 10000) Amount of initial currency


The format is [CoinX] <--> [CoinY] %Profit. For example:

BCH <--> ZEC  -3.15%  # Lose 3.15%
BTG <--> BTC  1.37%   # Earn 1.37%


  • Tickers are fetched by cctx (a great package for cryptocurrency data).
  • Transaction time is neglected in this calculation.
  • More profit can be achieved by lowering exchange trade fee (i.e. by a larger principal).

TODO / Posible improvement:

  • Support more exchanges
  • Consider transaction time
  • (Test it in real life!)
  • Find optimal principal USD amount for highest return
  • Real-time monitor (websocket)
  • Handle trading here