Fully functional Pokerbot that works on PartyPoker and PokerStars. Check the wiki how to contribute! Binaries can be downloaded here.
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Deep mind pokerbot for pokerstars and partypoker

Welcome to Nicolas Dickreuter's Python Pokerbot

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This pokerbot plays automatically on Pokerstars and Partypoker. It works with image recognition, montecarlo simulation and a basic genetic algorithm. The mouse is moved automatically and the bot can play for hours. T

he binary installer can be downloaded from here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/partypoker-pokerstars-pokerbot/. It will automatically download the latest version of the bot.

You are welcome to contribute to this project in any shape or form (improving the software, doing data analysis, improving the GUI (based on Qt5 designer)). You can create an anaconda virtual environment with the

conda env create -f environment.yml -n poker_venv.

Setup instructions, how to get started:


How and what to contribute:

https://github.com/dickreuter/Poker/projects https://github.com/dickreuter/Poker/wiki/How-to-use-Git


The bot has currently been tested with partypoker Supersonic3 table and should also work with 6 player zoom poker on pokerstars. Fake money tables are not supported. For a start please read the setup instructions.

To get more information on how to adjust the strategies, please read this: https://github.com/dickreuter/Poker/wiki/Strategies-and-making-the-decision